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Our Philosophy

The success is down to a simple philosophy: stay loyal to the clients' needs and meet their requirements of functionality, yet at the same time create an interior that serves the highest standards and provide a memorable experience to the guest. We pride ourselves of having the ability of understanding our customers' needs with smart planning projects and cozy spaces that surpass our clients' expectations and appeal to their sense of style. We are able to predict guests' desires and fulfill their needs with a wide range of services from designing - planning to interiors and branding. Our Mission: dedication to client satisfaction to ensure design excellence, project's quality, cost control, timely completion and value for money.


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Awarded | 2012
Nominee | 2013


What people say?

"Talented, quick, effective, with unbelievably good sense of space planning and needs, he exploits every single centimeter of the place. 14 years of co-operation say it all..."

Vasilis Tsilichristos, Dj, Producer/Compiler, Event organizer, Owner/Founder of VENUE [Dance Stage] & VILLA MERCEDES [Private Club-Restaurant].

What people say?

"With his effective intervention at the club's ergonomics and layout, together with the impressive decoration, Dimitris gave to enigma club a totally new shape and look that made it point of reference in the night clubs' sector. It's aesthetics, fully harmonised with Cyclades colour, has touched our customer's hearts that visit us again and again. Our co-operation has been perfect and for the last 15 years many successful "face lifts" have been carried out in the club as well as in my other businesses, giving every year a different note of freshness. I would surely recommend Dimitris as I have already done".

Costas Ayannis, Dj, Compiler, Owner of the "enigma" club, "enigma" cafe, "enigma appartments" hotel, "Astra suites" hotel, "Wet Stories" beach bar, Santorini.

What people say?

"How would that be possible to write only a few lines about Dimitris' best of? I would need many pages... Regarding my case, he undertook the responsibility to finish my house after a lot of persistence from my part, because at that time he was basically dealing with commercial businesses and not houses... I fell in love with his aesthetics in seconds, with how direct and effective he was, with the fact that he respected my wills and he didn't "cover up" my decorative touches... He always has the design study ready in the back of his tongue, he searches for new finishes and materials and uses them in the best way every time, and most of all he is always working with a big smile because he adores his work! I don't recall anyone having been in my house and not having congratulate me on my decorator's work! "The icing on the cake" is how professional and consistent he is, because he has simply done his hobby a job. Well done Dimitris!".

Annita Nathanail, TV host.

What people say?

"When I met you the first time I told my husband that this is the right person to do our house. And I was not mistaken. The nice thing about working with you beside your sense of humor is that when someone walks in my house they see me and my personality in it, but of course improved by your taste. It was a pleasure working with you and your team. And I am happy for having you as a friend. Get ready for fixing our 600m apartment in Lebanon very soon!".

Abir Hussein Bahri, owner of private villa, Marousi

What people say?

"When decided to open the Details café the immediate following question was who would undertake the design concept and supervision of construction. We chose to work with Dimitris Economou considering that it was a risk as we didn't know him at all. The risk turned into a permanent cooperation as 2 more business followed later. The restaurant "pita tou pappou" and the clothing shop " DShop". Every shop was designed by the same person but with different management every time due to totally diverse object and needs of style. Dimitris has proved that he has the knowledge, the ideas, the imagination and the flexibility required".

Athina & Leonidas Thanos, Owners of Details Cafe and D-shop clothing store, in Chalandri, Athens

What people say?

"While having decided that we would open a high quality fish restaurant in N.Erythraia and already had a partner, we saw Dimitris' work in a totally diffirent object - a nails and spa studio - and we were excited. We met him and from the beginning he won our hearts. We remember he said to us: "you are very lucky to having met me!". And he meant it!. Till now - 8 years later - we think that he is still right... We realised then that he is so inspired and talented. After seeing his proposals for the restaurant we had high expectations about our project. The outcome was even higher. The place is luminous, fresh, elegant but without excesses giving a strong feeling of coziness. And the most important: it works very well, and our customers love it!"

Manos & Vicki Raftopoulou, Owners of the "Chromata Vythou" fish restaurant, N.Erythraia, Athens.

What people say?

"I met Dimitris Economou in 2006 when my partner introduced him to me after having seen his projects in Athens. We wanted to exploit a place in a mall and create an all-day cafeteria, restaurant, bar. From the first time he saw the place he said: "I am going to treat this place like it is mine. Just leave it on me". The trust we showed him turned out to a perfect outcome. With his photorealistic designs we managed to win a competition among many interested businessmen and take the place for us. The construction site was very unprepared with a lot of difficult requirements, but Dimitris very cool as he is, dealt with total professionalism making our cafe bar one of the best in Greece. He took all decision risks not letting me make mistakes in an object I knew little about, because he had its look in his mind from the start. He is a perfection maniac, he wanted all things perfectly made and he didn't let anything to chance considering that many defects don't seem when you make a bar with low lights. I won't forget that he himself jumped on the roof top to take care of the xmas lights in the first Christmas of "Forum". He totally respected our budget, he didn't waste money on unnecessary expensive decorative objects, he created a very functional and fresh place and in the end our co-operation turned out to be very economic and efficient. I am very happy to having met him, and if I was to start a new business in the future I would again hire Dimitris, no question about that".

Evripidis Hairetis, Owner of "Forum" cafe in Herakleio, Crete.

What people say?

"Imaginative, very easy going and cheerful, he made the period of our restaurant construction one of the most unforgettable experiences. Every day he was coming smiling in the construction area and we never had to worry about anything as he was there to answer every question the workers might had about the project with fully detailed designs and perfect 3d photos. His knowledge is like of architect's which means that he could deal with difficult construction problems, giving effective solutions and not lose time in waiting. He was really bossy when needed, to achieve our time schedule, and perfectionist in every part of the restaurant, precise in details that to many seem unimportant but are crucial when we talk about production spaces, the take-out area, offices, dining area or kitchen design. We would recommend Dimitris to every serious businessman".

Costas & Sotiris Desiniotis, Owners of "Gefstikon" restaurant, Vari, Athens

What people say?

"He was always there and he always had the perfect answer. I am glad that I have worked with Dimitris twice and look forward to opening a third bar-restaurant soon."

Alex Rassias, Owner of the "BeeRock" bar restaurant

What people say?

"Dimitris is the person that you are happy to work with, he is unpredictable, peculiar and charismatic, full of ideas and solutions not only in designing but mostly in personal contact and guidance of the workers in construction. When the work is done you have gained a good and kind friend".

Katerina & Panayiotis Papachristopoulos, owners of private residence in Spetses, Greece
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